I didn’t know her name, but I had often seen her.  On her break reading a book in the sunshine, or as she laughed and smiled with so much energy while chatting to her customers.

All I knew is that I wanted to photograph her.  I wanted to know her story.  To know who she is.

I walked into the cafe with a little swing in my pulse, and the waft of butter filled croissants and sugary macaroons filled the air.  We chatted as I ordered my coffee and I thought to myself…”How on earth do I ask her?”  Write my number down on a napkin and run away?? No…too Jersey Shore…On a card in a sealed envelope and slip it under the door??  Hhmmm…a little too much secret lovers going on there for a woman whom I didn’t actually know!!!

She put her hands over her face with shyness, yet excitement when I asked her if she had ever been photographed. “You are incredible and I would love to photograph you” I blurted out in all my vulnerability.

She said yes.  She bloody said yes!.

I could have belly whacked over those shelves of chocolate cream eclair’s and cakes and kissed her! Thrust myself at her, throw my arms around her shoulders and say 1000 thank you’s as if I had just asked her hand in marriage.

But I calmly refrained.  Did the casual walk out of the cafe until I got around the corner and did my own little “Can’t stop the feeling” dance on the street with Justin Timberlake!

And that was the beginning of getting to know this AMAZING, outgoing, laugh (out loud!) woman.

So, time for you to meet Noelle.  A true lover of helping and interacting with people, she combined her love for food and medicine to study dietetics here in London, or as she loves to call it a “food doctor” :-).  With a Dutch mother and Algerian father, she has lived in the UK, France, and for 2 years in Algeria – a place where processed foods never existed and she began to learn how to cook amazing meals from scratch.  Her love of sunshine and the fact that she can’t sit down for the life of her, she can’t wait to travel and explore more of the world.  She speaks English and French (ok so NOW I have the man crush on her!  Love the French language!), dabbles in the drawing of sketches, gets her groove on in the kitchen to Kings of Leon and chills out to the music of Vancouver Sleep Clinic.  And she believes that true beauty is being at peace with yourself, being happy and content and knowing what makes you feel amazing from the inside.

And when you meet her, she’s gonna tell you that she’s weird…but hey – we all are a little weired 🙂

I loved doing this shoot.  But I loved even more making a new girlfriend.

And than you so much to the amazing Amanda Roberts for her fabulous hair and make-up for this shoot!



And NATURALLY, we twirled and danced, because dancing your heart out and celebrating you is always mandatory!



Liz xx

And if you would also love to spend a moment, getting pampered and celebrating everything about you get in touch.  Because I would be honored to show you, the woman that only YOU are.