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When I finally saw Nadia launch her new website, I was on such a high! I took my kitchen dance moves up a notch, pirouetting across my home made dance floor, while grabbing a glass so I could do a big, giant, champagne-laden celebration for her and all of the hard work that I had seen her put into this, but most of all, for her being triumphant in telling the world the woman who she is.

And as I sat down (out of breath from all of that dancing!!) I remember looking down on the front cover of the new MAGNIFY magazine and reading the words


And at that point I couldn’t help but to tear up a little.  Not only because that phrase captured my heart, but because it completely defined my beautiful friend Nadia and the impact that she’s making not only on this earth, but in all of our hearts. This is a truth that she embraces every single day, every single moment. She doesn’t like rules or traditions and she doesn’t try to fit into box.  She is the sort of woman who draws her own box.

It has been amazing to see her journey, from the point where she made the decision to go in pursuit of that woman, to track her down and bring her out with a purpose, a vision, a direction, filled with inspiration and loving every moment of her existence.  She didn’t try to patch her soul’s truth together with workshops, a wardrobe and identity choices, but by listening to what resonates in her cells and not giving a sh*t about what others think.

And now with blazing vitality, the real Nadia emerges.  And you can feel this across her new website (which has been an absolute HIT!!) with her design, her brand, her vision, her voice.  It’s vibrant.  It’s raw.  It’s personal and intimate.  And it is every bit Nadia.  From her home page intro to “her”, to her snippet of fun facts, I can literally hear Nadia speak every word as it gushes from her heart and I can see her laughing at her little pieces of “today why don’t you” advice that subtly scrolls across the bottom of the web page (two of which I highly recommend! To eat that cake and to lose the bra!!).

Congratulations Nadia!  Not only for your website, but for not following the status quo, for forgetting the rules and the traditions and for finding the incredible woman that is you.  And how your own journey encourages, challenges and inspires others about being their own voice, not an echo of someone else’s.  And to dig deep into their own life journey of purpose.

Including my own.

Love you with all my heart sweetheart.

Liz xx

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