While I was in Paris recently, I had a fantastic opportunity to meet and photograph an incredibly beautiful woman, Michaela.  Not only do I love this girl for her chocolate eating abilities (organic chocolate 🙂 And I thought my obsession was bad, but in Paris she won hands down!! Dam it! 🙂 ), but she is just such an incredible woman.  Beautiful, intelligent, outgoing and full of adventure, totally hilarious, has a heart of gold and a stunning smile!  And I admired her so much for her strength to do the one thing that I have been wanting to do for a long time but have not had the courage to do so….. Take a giant leap of faith.  She did.  Exactly that.  Quit her job, went travelling for a short while where she met fabulous people, making new friendships and when she returned, she started up her own business doing exactly what she loves to do:  being a hair and makeup artist.  And she is so extremely talented!!


Honestly, I love Paris, especially on a glorious sunny afternoon with golden sunsets that are simply awesome.


Thank you Michaela for a fabulous shoot!


And if you are looking for a hair and makeup artist, do not forget to check out her business page on facebook!




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