As the water slowly washes over the golden pebbles towards her, a gust of wind blows through her hair and her spirit starts to dance.  She feels carefree and alive.  Her heartfelt laughter, her happiness and joy oozes through her and captivates your heart.

I look at her in awe and admiration.  But I do not see Nadia the (breathtakingly beautiful, inspirational, amazing, fabulously awesome…whatever other incredible word you can think of!! 🙂 ) Intimate Wedding Photographer.  I see a woman who is the vision of the world I believe in.  A woman who loves and lives from the heart.  A woman who soul has been reignited as she connects with her life purpose of creativity, of love, of beauty.  A woman who knows who she wants to be and is unafraid to let herself be seen.  And a woman who knows that beauty is not skin deep, but has everything to do with the soul and knowing that you belong.

She is a woman who puts that fire into your soul, who motivates you to be brave and to live unleashed, who inspires you to wake up with an enlightened spirit and be no one else other than the best version of yourself, fully living your potential with a creative and meaningful life.

She is a woman of dreams, of love, of beauty, of life.

(And she is an amazing hugger!)

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