Step, clack.  Step, clack.  Step, clack.  The sound of Chiara slowly making her way up 4 flights of stairs with a fractured ankle wrapped a glamorous grey ski boot to the studio.  Yes, your ears heard that right.  4 bloody flights of stairs she climbed with a fractured ankle to help me step out of the dry and dusty creative drought I had found myself in…

But this is the sort of woman she is.  She doesn’t let anything hold her back.  She experiences.  She lives life to the full.  She knows that beauty is not defined by her body type or size, but it’s the moments she spends doing the things that make her feel amazing on the inside.  When she stretches her body in yoga, when she is covered in chalk as she rock climbs, when she makes endless jars of home made marmalade (pop up shop in the street darl – just sayin”!), when she travels with her besties to eat and dance on the streets of New York, when she picks tomatoes from her own garden, and when she lounges around the house with her man Ben and their new member of the fam…Eggy (or Junior Vasquez)….their gorgeous black cat who can apparently play video games!  (According to Ben that is!!).

Because every little moment adds up. Every little moment makes you a little more self-assured. Every little moment makes you a little bit more proud to be the person you are.  And every little moment makes you feel that little bit more beautiful in your own skin. And every little moment becomes your beautiful life

And with a couple of dresses that made her feel like a hot little number, she stood in front of the camera for me.  She was brilliant.  She was refreshingly real.  She was outf*ckingstanding.

And she is every bit worthy of gracing the pages of a magazine!

Liz xx