She is cool. She is chick.  She has a laugh that everyone adores (actually, no, envies!!) and a smile that captivates everyone around her.  She is a woman who is not afraid of being herself.  A woman who embraces life with being a picture of health and not to be a certain size or weight.  That life is about having a relationship with food and not fighting it.  That life is about laughter, love, friendships and loving relationships and being body and mind strong. And squats, lots of squats….(she seriously rocks the squats!)

And she knows that beauty is not something that you buy, nor inject, nor tummy tuck away, but something that is always there – on the inside.  And when you nourish and connect with it, with a meaningful life full of adventure, love, crazy fun and delicious food (including those créme brulee’s), it simply shines!

The ever so beautiful Danielle.  With the gorgeous tulle skirt from space 46 boutique that makes us all swoon until our hearts content!  And no doubt she got her twirl on…who could resist??!!

Hair and make up by Cristina Vila,

Studio location, studio 13, in Amsterdam.


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