2017 – it’s here (finally!!) and it’s the year that’s going to be more about YOU.  You’ve written your resolutions down in your finest handprint, because 2017 IS THE YEAR.  The year where your going to give yourself more self care. The kind of self care that includes doing more exercise, going to that yoga class, learning how to meditate, searching for more healthy recipes, to eat intuitively, stopping the alcohol, reading more books, spending more quality time with the kids, more date nights with your significant other, getting up earlier, getting your dream job, traveling more, cooking more, seeing your girlfriends more, writing more in your journal (or at least trying to start one!), having less self criticism, more confidence and more happiness.

Aaaannd, now I can stop.  And take a breath. Because not only is that one hell of a sentence, it’s one hell of a list.  It’s a good list, actually a GREAT list with brilliant intentions that I see many women put to paper.  But it’s long.  There’s a lot of self pressure.  And there’s one thing missing.  One thing that can mean the difference between living this list and having your heart filled with daffodils and wearing sweat pants 24/7 where you end every day face planting into bed.  And it’s the one thing that should be there right up at the very top.


And take that hot, long and drawn out bath so that you can really take time just for YOU.  Fill it up with your favourite essential oil and a cup of Epsom salt and soak in it baby.  It’s really that simple.  In a time where we are constantly on the go, constantly online, always having something to do and trying to “improve” ourselves in some manner, it’s even more important to have time where you just stop for a moment.  Because unfortunately the world doesn’t have a pause button.  You have to make the time.  Since I have actively been doing things to love my body and care for it a whole lot more than I use to, having a long hot bath is like that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  And there’s not much these days that a hot bath can’t cure! It forces you to slow down, to calm your mind and it gives yourself the uncommon treat of simply taking a break from the everyday life.  Make a conscious effort for no other reason than it simply feels amazing.  And while you’re there, notice how your body feels and then rub her up and down with your finest body soap.

We all want to take better care of ourselves.  We all want to love ourselves more.  Because we all want to feel that little bit more beautiful. But it’s a journey, not a race.  It’s OK if you still can’t touch your toes, it’s OK if you don’t have time to cook, it’s OK to still have that glass of wine, it’s OK to not finish that book……just yet.

So turn on those taps, turn on the tunes and put that giant “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on your bathroom door.

And soak up the self love that comes with not having to do anything for anyone else for a moment, except for you.

With all of my soaked up wrinkly skin,