Portrait & personal branding photos that make your heart dance like Beyoncé - even if you think you’re not photogenic

Loose waves or top knot.

Converse or stilettos.

Bare face or scarlet lips.

Ripped jeans or little black dress.

Simple smile or playful pout.

Whatever you feel most like you in is what I’ll photograph.

The only prerequisite? You’ve gotta love to laugh. Because at my shoots, laughing is mandatory. As are dance-offs. (Right now my song of choice is Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you.)

This isn’t about taking a photo of you looking like RuPaul’s sidekick. Or putting flowers in your hair, just because. Or transforming you from a ‘before’ into an ‘after’.

This is about taking of photo of you looking like YOU. The naturally radiant, magnificent, beautiful-from-top-to-bottom you.

Even if you think you’re not pretty enough, thin enough, toned enough, fashionable enough, photogenic enough, or good enough.

You are enough.

And these photos will prove it.

Are you that woman?

The one who hides behind her hand (or strategically placed wine glass) when someone whips a camera out? The one who avoids looking in the mirror for too long because she can find soooo many things to criticise? The one who hastily untags herself in Facebook photos because – *cringe*?

You shouldn’t be hiding, lady! You’re flipping gorgeous, just as you are. The only person who doesn’t believe it…

Is you.

Let’s change that.


About Liz

Hey, darl! I’m Liz. Catcher of infectious smiles, champion of women of all shapes and sizes, and an Aussie now settled in London. I’m also addicted to laughing. (Oh, and dancing like crazy.) Maybe you are, too?

I’m not just here to make you look fabulous (although I can totally do that!). I’m here to make you feel fabulous. By doing nothing more than being yourself. Because that’s what really makes a photograph worth admiring, time and time again.

Most photographers would talk to you about the ‘transformation’ you’ll experience with them. The glossy hair, dramatic make-up, and Vogue-worthy photos. The before. The after. The photos you end up with might be beautiful, but they’re not really you.

I’m not like most photographers. You’re worth far more than a before and after. I mean, you’re a human! (You’re a human, right?) And you’re so bloody brilliant as you are. Sure, you can have the glossy hair, dramatic make-up, and do those weird model poses if you really want to, but I’m best at capturing you in your most carefree, natural state – and at your most gorgeous. Be it wearing an eye-sparkling smile, doubled over mid belly-laugh, or celebrating when you’ve just won our dance-off. (I’m kidding. You won’t win our dance off.)

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to be a size zero Victoria’s Secret angel to look and feel sensational in front of a camera. You don’t need to bust your paycheck on a whole new wardrobe because “nothing looks good on you”. And nooooo, you do NOT need to lose 10lbs before you pluck up the courage to book your photoshoot.

You just need to turn up. To do something for you, for once. I’ll do everything else. (More on what ‘everything else’ is below!)

I know what it feels like to be scared of the camera. I’ve ripped up the photos of myself that made my cheeks flush with embarrassment and shame. I’ve had the inner bitch whisper “you’re fat, ugly, and will never look good in a photo ever again” in my ear. Ouch. But I also know that inner bitch is WRONG. Now, she doesn’t rule the show. I do.

And you can, too. So bring your fears and worries and bingo wings and muffin tops to the party. They’re all safe with me 😉

If you’re intrigued about working with me but never expect to have a beautiful picture of yourself taken, then here’s my advice: Expect the unexpected.


You don’t need to pose like a chicken or have your photo taken ‘from above’ to look good! Who knew?


Ummmm, me.


And now you.

Portrait photos for the woman who looooves to laugh but hates having her photo taken

Beautiful. Happy. Hot. Fun-loving. Sexy. Carefree. Desirable. Radiant. Oh-so-gorgeous.

You’re already all of those things – and then some. Let’s get you some photos to show you.

You don’t have to be a model to have photos worthy of gracing the pages of a magazine. But let’s be real. You’re not having these photos taken for other people. You’re having them taken for you. So when you’re old and wrinkly you can look back and remember how sensational you were (and still are, obviously).

Screw what anyone else thinks. How about you take your own breath away for once?

Our portrait party will stretch out for half a day, with the photo shoot itself lasting 1.5-2 hours. And you get to wear two different outfits!

Portraits start at £561

Get gorgeous portrait photos

Branding photos that bring irresistible personality to your business

You’re not after stiff, corporate headshots that have about as much personality as a twig. Thank goodness. These photos will be natural, fun, and ooze a quality that matches the super duper service you provide to your clients or customers.

Before the shoot, we’ll create vision boards, talk wardrobes, and research locations (indoors and outdoors!), so I know exactly the kind of style to shoot. On the day, we’ll have two separate photo sessions, each lasting 1.5-2 hours, and an organic lunch is included. A girl’s gotta keep her energy up for the camera!

When we’re done, your website won’t know what’s hit it. Oh wait – it’s just a bunch of unique, eyeball-magnetising photos that feel 100% you, finally. No biggie 😉

Branding Photoshoots start at £947

Get irresistible brand photos

How This Shitake Goes Down

> You pop your details in the fancy form at the bottom of the page and I whizz over some info about the shoots available, exactly what they include, and dun dun dunnnn, the prices. 

> Once you’ve picked your package, we hop, skip, or jump onto Skype to chat about the exciting stuff like where the shoot will be and what to wear on the day. And the even more exciting stuff like champagne or green juice (or both), fruit or home made organic chocolate (or both).

> We book the shoot date and I put my organisation cap on – a red beret, in case you were wondering – to make sure everything on the day is as ready to rock as you are.

> The date arrives! First up: PAMPER. Drink your bubbly or green juice or both (probably not at the same time) and get your hair and makeup done by the pros. You tell them what feels most natural and they’ll shower you in magic. You can also expect upbeat music and lame jokes courtesy of yours truly.

> Next comes the warm up! We chat about any parts of your body that you struggle to love, posing without looking like a teapot, and compete in my infamous dance-off which I’ll let you believe you’ve won ;). Warning: There will be copious amounts of encouragement and laughter.

> Once you’re relaxed and comfortable, I get cosy with the ol’ camera and start catching those infectious smiles. Or sultry stares… Or roll-on-the-floor-giggles… Whatever you want. They’re your photos! Just know that ALL sessions are filled with fun, laughter, and love.

> Fancy a fancy lunch? This is a totally optional part of the day (and totally worth it!) Think tongue-tingling cold pressed juice (or more champas!) and a scrummy organic spread of nibbles like artisan sourdough bread, courgetti with tomato and butter bean pesto, quinoa, kale, broccoli and avocado salad, chocolate and almond butter fudge, and chocolate and raspberry slices. OMG, are you salivating right now?

> Just like the best parties, you get to take away a bag of goodies afterwards. Non-nom-nom-worthy energy balls, the most refreshing cold pressed juice, and a little gift (like a Neal’s Yard lotion). The day might be over but the pleasure doesn’t have to be.

> You get back to your everyday life – and I get to work! Editing and polishing your pictures until they’re ready to share with you via a web link.

> After you’ve chosen your favourites (and yes, they can all be your favourites!) I arrange to have them printed using the finest inks and materials and kept pristine in a handmade photo box, ready for you to pick up and fall SO in love with you may choose to kick your other half out of bed and sleep next to these instead. You’ll also get a wooden USB stick with digital copies.


The shoot was a great experience. Being a bit nervous at the beginning and feeling very self-conscious, Liz put me at ease and in front of the camera. Her encouragements, jokes and directions soon made me feel good about myself. While clicking away and changing into different outfits I felt like a true model. It was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed it so much even without seeing any result, seriously if Vogue would have called that night (sure, as if…) I would have said yes and not even had been surprised, I was on such a high.

Little did I know that the best part was yet to come. The actual photos.
Oh my god, do I look good in these photo’s – first time ever I actually think I look stunning in pictures.

If you are considering to have a shoot done, don’t think twice. Liz Riley is a fantastic, very talented young lady with a passion for photography, but what made her stand-out is the ability to bring out the best of me. Not by extra make-up, or shooting from the right angles but making me truly feel good about myself.

Liz you’re a star! Love ya! Diana Xxxx

Liz is such an amazing person!  She has captured me on camera a couple of times and everything was a blast.  Working with Liz is so much fun!  Guaranteed a day filled with laughter.

What makes Liz the best in her profession, is that she is able to make me feel comfortable and confident.  She easily helps you with finding the right poses, without looking over-posed in the image.  She can really capture the real me in front of the camera which I think makes her an excellent photographer.

Besides her qualities as a photographer, she is also a wonderful person.  Her vision of life, enthusiasm and humor makes Liz a great person inside and out!  I would definitely recommend everyone to work with Liz!

Daan xx


Fancy seeing you down here!

We’re going to get on SO well. If you want to book your beautiful self into my crazy little world, request a price list, ask a question, leave me a love note, or send me photos of hottie Hugh Jackman, this is the place to do it.
Pop your details into the form below, hit the WHOOSH button, and you can expect to see me in your inbox within 48 hours.


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